Announcing: The Blocks by Mr. Block NFT

Mr. Block Cartoon

Introducing the Blocks

The Blocks is a 9,999 PFP collection for crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Whitelist Now Open!
  1. Mr. Block Research App
    Whitelist beta launching March ’22, this is your home for all things blockchain in one beautifully designed web & mobile app.
  2. Mr. Block Shwag (
    Through our partnership with OpenTee, every Blocks holder will have the opportunity to receive a custom-printed OpenTee of their exact NFT. Community members will also receive discounts and gift cards for Shop Mr. Block.
  3. Membership DAO
    We’ve started building our community! Over time, additional features will include crypto incentives, Learn2Earn, social/influencer collaborations and Web3.0-based governance.
  4. VIP List
    Early access to new products and features, and eligibility for airdrops, staking, educational courses, and IRL events (conferences, community retreats).
Artist @Blockheady
Founder & CEO, Blockse @NFTBLOCKSE Twitter
Cofounder, @ajrabke twitter
ConsenSys, Datadog and Adaptive
Ethereum OG: Design & Tech Consultant
Doc Block: Community Mod
Jacobee @XRPgreek: Community Mod
Socia Media Team: Crypto Gelix, Crypto Registryy, Cryptozyle



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